Britannia’s Gold Ltd

Impressive Statistics and new Intel!

The team have now been operational on site for a total of 25 days, within this short period of time they have amassed the following impressive statistics from their 800m² work area;

  • Over 1300 Successful Grabs made to date
  • Estimation of total weight moved by grabs – 1200 tons
  • Over 600m³ of silt & sediment dredged away from the wreck site
  • 3 total deck levels removed
  • Total estimated weight of materials moved – 1850 tons
  • Total estimated volume of materials removed – 2400m³ 

“Ships of this particular era were heavily reliant on asbestos as a form of sound suppression and heat proofing, the below deck plates were also encased in “litisilo” which is a material for sealing and protecting the surfaces. Today, the materials have broken down to nothing more than a rubble like consistency, however it resides in vast quantities and has mixed with the general cargoes and vast volumes of silt, all of which has to be removed from the wreck in order to reach the desired cargo; sorting the wheat from the chaff so to speak.”

New Intel concerning this wreck has recently come to light which reached us late last night; this concerns the fact that the ship was delayed in her original sailing by a day, this delay found her to be burdened with further cargo bound for the West the following morning. Assessing the volume of cargo onboard and adding in the fact that she had further to load has lead the team to commence investigations on a further area of the wreck that was not originally considered as important. Work continues on our original locations in unison with this new work area, adding further to the tension and excitement onboard.

Will Carrier | COO